US on Russian's accusations in mall shooting: Nonsense, Russians remind manure salesmen
John Kirby (Photo: EPA/Samuel Corum)

The Russian government is spreading propaganda fakes about Ukraine's alleged involvement in the ISIS terrorist attack in the Moscow concert hall on March 22, according to White House representative John Kirby, as quoted by The Hill.

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He said that the Kremlin has been spreading "nonsense" and "propaganda" about the attack for several days.

He stated that in contrast to Putin's public remarks and those of others "who have sought to deflect blame onto Ukraine, the United States, and everyone else who suits their political narratives, it’s abundantly clear that ISIS was solely responsible for the horrific terrorist attack in Moscow last week."

"It reminds me of something my uncle used to say — had a small farm and raised a few cattle in a place near Ocala, Florida, — used to say that the best manure salesman often carries their samples in their mouths. Russian officials seem to be pretty good manure salesmen," Kirby said.

He stated that the US provided Russia with information about the threat before the attack and handed over a written warning.

"We provide this information to Russia because the United States takes very seriously our duty to warn and never want to see innocent lives lost in terrorist attacks," the White House representative said.

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