Russian missile attack deploys unprecedented range of weapons, Ukraine Air Force spox says
Yuriy Ihnat (Photo: screenshot from the video)

The Russian military attacked Ukraine with all possible types of missiles, except Kalibr, in the early hours of December 29, the spokesman of the Air Force Command Yuriy Ihnat announced on national telethon.

The aggressor launched Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, S-300 missiles, Shahed-136 kamikaze drones and X-22 or X-32 anti-ship hypersonic missiles.

Also, 18 strategic bombers launched X-101/X-555 missiles.

"We have never seen so many targets simultaneously on our monitor," Ihnat stated.

In Kyiv, debris fell in two districts, a high-rise building caught fire, and there were victims. The building of the Lukyanivska metro station was damaged by the explosion.

In Dnipro, a shopping center was struck.

In Lviv, a Russian missile hit a residential building. Falling debris caused a fire in a lyceum.