Germany's parliament to ramp up pressure on Scholz to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine
Olaf Scholz (Photo: EPA/CLEMENS BILAN)

The Bundestag wants to increase pressure on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons, reported Stern, which received the relevant document of the coalition.

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The journalists write that the factions of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party want to submit a joint application for additional weapons for Ukraine.

The application will reportedly be put to a vote this week.

The document does not directly mention the Taurus missile, but the Social Democratic Party (Scholz's party) believes that the death of the dissident Alexei Navalny in the Russian colony "forced a rethinking of the situation."

The request will provide for the supply of additional necessary long-range weapon systems.

In January, the Bundestag failed to vote on the draft resolution on the supply of Taurus to Ukraine, but the general bill remains valid – the vote can take place until February 22.

The Bundestag also expressed concern about the idea of providing Taurus to Ukraine. MPs note that if the missiles are handed over from Germany, they will "disappear", and Berlin seems to have no possibility of producing Taurus in the near future.

The manufacturer of Taurus missiles denied this, stressing that it will be able to replenish stocks in the shortest possible time.