Terror attack in Crocus. US sees no signs of Ukrainian involvement, rebels blame Putin
Photo of the fire in Crocus (Telegram channels)

There are no signs that Ukraine is involved in the bombing at the Crocus concert hall in the Moscow region, said White House spokesperson John Kirby, as reported by AFP.

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"There is no indication at this time that Ukraine or Ukrainians were involved in the shooting <...> I would disabuse you at this early hour of any connection to Ukraine," he said.

Kirby described the footage of the shooting as "horrible and just hard to watch."

Meanwhile, the Freedom of Russia Legion blamed Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his regime for the terror attack.

"We hold the terrorist regime of Putin responsible for the tragedy that occurred today in Moscow. We have faced similar manifestations of the Kremlin dictatorship since the early days of Putin's rule and are not surprised by another bloody provocation," the rebels said in a statement.

  • The shooting started before the scheduled concert of the band Picnic, according to Russian propagandists.

  • Initially, Telegram channels claimed that there was only one shooter, but top propaganda media outlets reported three men "in camouflage."

  • As of 9:00 PM Kyiv time, there are 40 people killed and 130 injured, according to official data from the FSB.

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