Biden administration wants to allocate nearly $20 billion for nuclear forces modernization in 2025
Prototype of a nuclear bomb (Photo: US Air Force)

The administration of US President Joe Biden has proposed allocating $19.8 billion in budget funds to continue modernizing the country's nuclear weapons, as stated in the draft budget for the 2025 fiscal year, published on the White House website.

It is proposed to allocate $19.8 billion for the modernization of the US nuclear potential in 2025 – $4.5 billion more than was allocated in 2021 as part of the National Defense Strategy and Nuclear Posture.

In the section on modernizing nuclear deterrence, it is said that the budget "supports the U.S. nuclear triad, NATO strategic deterrence, and the necessary ongoing nuclear modernization programs, to include the nuclear command, control, and communication networks."

These actions, as stated in the document, are necessary to protect the population of the United States and its allies from growing international threats.

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