Russia 'will not go anywhere', negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow needed, says Slovak DM
Robert Kaliňák (Photo: EPA/JAKUB GAVLAK)

It's time to start talking about peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák said on local television, Trend reports.

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According to him, Russia's war against Ukraine "does not have a military solution."

"No matter how the conflict ends, Ukraine will always have borders with Russia. Peaceful efforts are what it needs most," Kaliňák said.

He noted that the situation at the front is now allegedly "frozen".

"Given the current state of the military conflict, it is necessary to start talking about peace negotiations. The leaders of the European Union and the United States should be involved in this," the Slovak official said.

On January 22, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico issued a new anti-Ukrainian statement about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in particular, he hinted that Kyiv should hand over Crimea and Donbas to Moscow.

On January 23, he declared that life in Kyiv is "quite normal" and that "there is no war" there. This statement was made only a few hours after the Russian army carried out a combined massive missile attack.

On January 24, Fico came to Uzhhorod for talks with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. During the talks, the Slovak prime minister promised not to block the sale of weapons and to support the program of financial assistance to Ukraine from the European Union.