Ukraine to get five more Patriot systems by end of 2024, manufacturer says

12.06.2023, 10:47
Ukraine to get five more Patriot systems by end of 2024, manufacturer says - Photo
A Patriot air defence system. Photo via EPA

Raytheon Technologies, the main contractor of Patriot air defence systems, is increasing production to twelve batteries a year and plans to deliver five more to Ukraine by the end of next year, its chief executive Greg Hayes told the Wall Street Journal.

Ukraine currently has two Patriot batteries, which have been delivered by the United States and the Netherlands. Each includes eight launchers and other necessary equipment.

"We have been very surprised at its effectiveness," said Mr Hayes of the Patriot, which he said alongside other air defence systems has intercepted as many as 90 percent of incoming threats in Ukraine.

He added Ukraine has tweaked the Patriot’s software to enable it to track and destroy hypersonic missiles flying twice as fast as it was designed for.

Ukraine has both the PAC-2, which uses an explosive charge to down targets, and the PAC-3, which smashes the missile or aircraft at high speed, the WSJ reports.

Patriot air defence systems were first deployed by the US Army in the mid-1980s. Designed to destroy enemy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, it is considered one of the most advanced air defence systems in the United States, currently in service in a dozen countries, including Israel, Germany, and Spain.

Patriot systems are designed to cover an area of around 68 kilometres, according to the German military. Its radar can track up to 50 targets and engage five of them at once.

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