Ukraine invites Chinese President Xi Jinping to Peace Summit in Switzerland
Xi Jinping (Photo: EPA / XINHUA)

Ukraine has invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend a planned peace summit of world leaders in Switzerland, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Ihor Zhovkva, told Reuters.

Zhovkva emphasized that the Ukrainian side invited China to participate in the summit at the highest level.

"China's participation is very important to us. We are working with the Chinese side. We are engaging our partners around the world to convey to China how important their participation in such a summit is," he said.

Neutral Switzerland, at the request of President Zelenskyy, has agreed to host the peace summit on Ukraine, although the date and location have not yet been determined. Zhovkva mentioned in a statement to the agency that the teams are still working on the details.

Subsequently, Swiss President Viola Amherd stated that the planned global peace summit in the country should take place as soon as possible. She also emphasized that without Russia's participation, the summit is unlikely to be a "true meeting for peace."

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