Новости | Ukraine soon to start using own ‘killer drones’, counterbalancing Russia's Lancets

23.08.2023, 10:32
Ukraine soon to start using own ‘killer drones’, counterbalancing Russia's Lancets - Photo
A Lancet kamikaze drone, a video grab

Ukraine is developing its own version of the Lancet kamikaze drone, one of the most effective tools of the Russian troops on the front line used to damage or destroy artillery and air defence systems.

The Ukrainian drone would bear the name of Perun, after the highest god of the pantheon in Slavic mythology, Ukrainian deputy prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov said.

Speaking on the YouTube channel Pressing, Mr Fedorov, who is in charge of drone issues in the government, announced that some manufacturers have already made a corresponding product.

"We are now scaling up, and we have a clear vision of the timing and quantity," Mr Fedorov added.

Photo: Pressing, a video grab

"Today, the Lancet is a fairly effective weapon. We analyse the statistics of its use. Hundreds of Lancets are produced every month, which is a big threat."

Photo: Pressing, a video grab

The deputy prime minister noted that Ukraine needs to develop electronic warfare equipment that will protect every piece of equipment on the frontline from drones.

Lancet kamkaze drones are very difficult to shoot down after they have been guided by a reconnaissance UAV. The Ukrainian defence forces use chain-link screens, small arms, and anti-aircraft weapons  to protect their equipment from Lancets and FPV drones.

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