Russian oil depot on fire in Oryol Oblast after alleged drone attack
Oil depot ablaze in Russia (Illustrative photo)

Russian propaganda Telegram channels and the authorities of Oryol Oblast claim that two drones fell on the grounds of the oil depot overnight.

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"This morning, during another mass attack on Oryol Oblast, an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into the grounds of a gas station in the city of Livny," Governor Andrey Klychkov wrote.

According to him, part of the facade of the administrative building was damaged, operatives of the city administration arrived on the scene. Klychkov claims that at that moment "another unmanned aerial vehicle fell on the territory of the gas station."

The governor said that the driver of one of the fire departments was allegedly killed as a result of the episode, and three more service workers were injured.

On the night of May 9, 2024, SBU drones hit two oil depots in Russia's Krasnodar Krai.

On the same day, a SBU drone struck a Russian oil refinery in Bashkortostan with a record range, a source in the Security and Defense Forces told

On May 17, likely the largest drone attack on Russia during the entire war was recorded with more than 100 drones.