SBU opens criminal case against ex-MP over remarks against Russian-speaking soldiers
Iryna Farion (Screenshot from the video)

The Security Service of Ukraine has opened criminal proceedings and has already ordered a number of examinations regarding the linguist and former MP Iryna Farion.

"According to the investigation materials, in one of her interviews, the member of Ukrainian parliament of the 7th convocation stated that she categorically does not accept Russian-speaking service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and cannot call them Ukrainians. This caused a wave of indignation among Ukrainian defenders and in society in general," reports the agency.

Farion also published on her social media a post with a screenshot of a letter from a pro-Ukrainian student from the temporarily occupied Crimea, in which the name, surname and other personal data of the sender were indicated, the SBU writes.

This post by the former lawmaker became the basis for the persecution of the student by the special services of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian law enforcement officers note.

Based on these facts, a criminal case was opened under the following articles of the Criminal Code:

→ violation of the equality of citizens depending on their racial, national, regional belonging, religious beliefs, disability and on other grounds;

→ an insult to the honor and dignity of a serviceman, threats to a serviceman;

→ violation of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraphic or other correspondence transmitted by means of communication or through a computer;

→ violation of privacy.

The maximum penalty provided for under these articles is up to seven years in prison. The Security Service of Ukraine does not specify which specific parts of these articles the case was opened for.

However, the charges for the politician are yet to be served.

The department also initiated a psychological and linguistic examination of the ex-MP's statements, as the pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

Recently, in an interview with Farion, journalist Yanina Sokolova touched on the topic of the language issue in the army. She stated that part of the Ukrainian military communicates in Russian, in particular in combat.

To which Farion said: "Then let them call themselves Russians. Why are they so insane? They are such great patriots. Show your patriotism – learn the language of Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko."

After criticism on social media, particularly from the military, Farion began posting letters of support on her Telegram channel. In particular, she published a letter from Maksym Hliebov, a philology student from the temporarily occupied Crimea. The screenshot showed his name, surname, major, year of study and the city where he is studying.

On November 13, Russian propagandists published a video with Hliebov, who says that he was detained by Russian punitive authorities. The Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine regarding the appropriate response to the disclosure of confidential information.

On November 14, a rally was held at the Lviv Polytechnic University, where Farion teaches. Students demanded the dismissal of the former legislator.