Poland threatens to cut Belarus off from Europe if border provocations escalate

01.09.2023, 16:13
Poland threatens to cut Belarus off from Europe if border provocations escalate - Photo
Mariusz Kamiński (Photo - EPA)

Belarus will be "completely cut off from Europe" in case of any provocative incidents on the border, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland, Mariusz Kamiński, said on the air of the TVP1 channel, reports the Polish publication Wprost.

Commenting on the results of the August 28 meeting in Warsaw of the ministers of internal affairs of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, he stated that Minsk was given a "very clear, firm and unequivocal signal" that any provocation on the border of Poland, Latvia or Lithuania with Belarus will have "far-reaching consequences" for the regime of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

"If there is a provocation, if a critical incident occurs, all border crossings of Belarus with Europe and the EU will be immediately closed. Those that are still functioning: road, rail, passenger and cargo. All of them. We will completely cut off Belarus from Europe," Kamiński said.

He also noted that since the meeting of the ministers, the number of attempts to illegally cross borders "suddenly sharply decreased."

After Wagner Group arrived in Belarus, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence said the task of some of them would be to "unnerve" Poland.

On August 10, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced that Warsaw plans to transfer up to 10,000 military personnel to the border with Belarus for additional support of the border guard.

On August 13, Poland announced it was creating a new military unit near the border with Belarus.

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