European Parliament Vice President asserts no quick admission of Ukraine into the EU

Ukraine must meet all the requirements for joining the European Union and this process will take "as much time as needed", as stated by Jan-Christoph Oetjen, Vice President of the European Parliament, in an interview with Nordwest-Zeitung, emphasizing that this is not about "accelerated entry".

He said that Ukraine, like other countries, must enter the EU under the same conditions.

Thus, the process of its admission into the bloc cannot be quick, Oetjen stated. He reminded that before joining the European Union, Ukraine needs to resolve legal issues and combat corruption, "which is a problem in the country."

"Therefore, there can be no quick admission of Ukraine into the EU," said the Vice President of the European Parliament.

He added that the EU is ready to strengthen cooperation with Ukraine to assist the country in European integration. This will help speed up the process of implementing necessary reforms and meeting the list of requirements for entry into the bloc.

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