Ukraine's Air Force shot down 13 Russian aircraft in February, setting a record – infographic
A-50 (Photo: resources of the occupiers)

The Ukrainian Air Force shot down 13 Russian military aircraft in February, as reported in an infographic published by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the social network X.

"February is the shortest month of the year, but our air defenders achieved the greatest results in shooting down Russian aircraft since October 2022," the military wrote.

In total, the Air Force destroyed:

→ 10 Su-34 fighter-bombers,

→ two Su-35 multirole fighters,

→ one A-50 radar plane.

"It seems that being a pilot of a Russian military aircraft is the worst job in the world," the Ministry of Defense said.

Інфографіка: Міноборони
Infographic: Ministry of Defense

Today, the spokesperson for the Air Force, Yuriy Ignat, stated that now Ukrainian servicemen can shoot down enemy aircraft at long distances.

Moreover, he said that the absence of A-50 aircraft in the air also contributes to destroying other enemy aircraft at great distances.

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