Ukraine approaches Russia's third line of defense, has plan for 2024, defense chief says
Rustem Umerov (Photo: Valentina Polishchuk/

Еhe Armed Forces of Ukraine approached the third line of defense of the Russians, Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov said in an interview with the Fox News channel.

According to him, the Defense Forces have passed the second line of defense of the Russian army and are facing the third, and Ukraine has a war plan for 2024.

"We have de-occupied 50% of our territory, we are defeating Russia on our land, returned the territory, liberated it," Umerov said.

If the war drags on for years, the civilized world should be embarrassed, he stressed.

"This will continue and destroy democracy. They believe that Ukraine and Ukrainians should not exist," the minister said.

Umerov also emphasized that his ministry is ready to invite external auditors to check procurement.

On October 20, 2023, US President Biden called on Congress not to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The White House sent a request to Congress to allocate $106 billion in emergency funding to help Ukraine, Israel and strengthen US border security. In particular, $61.4 billion of them are intended for Ukraine.

According to an Ipsos poll conducted in mid-November, 41% of Americans support providing arms to Ukraine, and this is 10% more than support for arms to Israel.