US elections, politics do not affect Ukraine aid, Kyiv’s NATO envoy says
Natalia Galibarenko, a video grab

Domestic politics in the United States do not affect the issue of providing assistance to Ukraine, Kyiv’s ambassador to NATO Natalia Galibarenko said.

Americans will elect their president and most Congress members next year, and the Republican party’s Donald Trump, who has been sceptical of supporting Ukraine, has a chance of winning.

Right-wing Republicans are already openly questioning the amount of US aid provided to Kyiv, defying the approval of a budget resolution to avert a government shutdown.

Speaking in Brussels, Ms Galibarenko said she does not see the impact of US politics on military assistance to Ukraine.

On the contrary, she stressed, the US is increasing its support and encouraging its allies to do the same.

"We have to be careful, but I don't think that the calls for additional checks on aid to Ukraine that are made during the election campaign will affect the practical decisions of the US to help Ukraine," the Ukrainian diplomat believes.

"I have not heard anything of the sort from our NATO partners."