Germany cools on Zelenskyy's proposal to eliminate Russia's UN Security Council veto
Annalena Burbok (Photo: EPA)

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is against President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's idea of depriving Russia of its right of veto in the UN Security Council, the German diplomat said in an interview with the ARD channel, Zeit reports.

According to her, Germany advocates the reform of the UN and the expansion of the Security Council.

At the same time, she emphasized that Berlin does not support depriving Russia of its right of veto in the Security Council.

"I explained this to my Ukrainian interlocutors again and again. I understand people in Ukraine, but this is not the case when we support everything that comes from the government of Ukraine," Baerbock said.

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Zelenskyy proposed steps that would help the General Assembly overcome Russia's veto.

According to him, it is Russia that makes the UN ineffective and occupies its seat there illegally due to behind-the-scenes manipulations after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya tried to disrupt Zelenskyy's speech at the UNGA.