Zelenskyy: Our army has 14 under-equipped brigades – weapons are slow to arrive
Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the Peace Summit (Photo: ERA/URS FLUEELER)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have 14 brigades without weapons because they have not yet arrived from allied countries, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy replied in an interview with Bloomberg when asked when he thinks Ukraine will be able to transition to a large-scale counteroffensive.

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When formulating a question about combat operations and the front in general, the interviewer asked Zelenskyy when the "stalemate" would end.

He said it's not a stalemate, but a problematic situation. According to the President, difficult situations can be resolved with desire and appropriate tools.

"We have the desire, but the tools haven't arrived. We have brigades standing without weapons. We have a reserve, we have 14 under-equipped brigades – they don't have the appropriate weapons that have already been voted on, that have been talked about, packages should be arriving, but they are coming, unfortunately, slowly," Zelenskyy explained.

He stressed that one can't simply talk about counteroffensive actions, as Ukraine needs to protect what it has today.

"We want appropriate counteroffensive actions when we are ready for this. We will be ready for this when we have the weapons," the head of state concluded.

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