English skills and combat experience: ZSU explain selection criteria for F-16 pilot training
Yuriy Ignat (Photo: screenshot from the video)

Several criteria for selecting future Ukrainian F-16 fighter pilots were highlighted by Colonel Yuriy Ignat, the Air Force Command spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who said during a telethon that selections were made through testing and considering combat training and other criteria.

Ignat stated that those pilots who passed the relevant tests went on to training.

"One of the selection criteria for pilots includes combat training, combat experience, proficiency, and knowledge of the English language, to quickly absorb the material," he said.

Ignat also noted that training is conducted according to a plan and schedule and the pilots are already mastering the aircraft in the air.

"It's important to understand that our pilots will face challenges in Ukraine that even instructors might not have encountered in their professional activities. This includes intercepting targets such as Shaheds and cruise missiles. All of this can still be learned there, directly with Western instructors," said Ignat.

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