Ukraine's security service, or SBU, attacked a Russian military field camp near the village of Postolye Dvory in the Kursk region, a source told, in what is the latest attack on Russian military infrastructure on its territory.

The attack, involving kamikaze drones, took place near the Khalino military airfield, and captured on a video posted online.

The source said the camp housed up to 3,000 Russian soldiers and about 80 pieces of military equipment.

"Obviously, the damage was powerful: SBU drones hit at least 18 times," they said, adding that Russian losses were still being clarified.

Russia did confirm the attack, but claimed that "air defence shot down all the drones" and "there were no casualties".

Ukraine pounds Russian military camp with drones- source

The Khalino airfield, named after the nearby village, is located 7 kilometres east from Kursk, where Russia’s 14th Zhdanov guards fighter aviation regiment, armed with Su-30SM aircraft, is based.

This is not the first time the Khalino airfield has come under attack.

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it has been closed to civilian flights and used to base Russian fighter jets.