A video of the strike of a Russian missile at the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant during the mass attack on the morning of March 22 was shared online. The footage is published by Ukrainian media covering the war.

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In the video, the flight of the X-101/X-555 cruise missile and its impact on the Dnipro HPP can be seen.

Apparently, the recording was made from the facility premises.

WARNING. The video contains profanity.

There is no threat of a breach of the Dnipro HPP dam, Ukrenergo assured.

The air defense forces shot down 92 out of 151 air targets. The Russians launched dozens of cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as Shahed-136 kamikaze drones.

Dnipro HPP is the first HPP built on the Dnipro River and the penultimate stage of the Dnipro cascade of hydroelectric power plants. It is located in the Dniprovskyi district of Zaporizhzhya. The installed capacity of the facility as of January 2022 was 1,578.6 MW. Dnipro HPP consists of two power plants: Dnipro HPP-1 and Dnipro HPP-2, which form a single complex located under one dam. Ten hydro units are installed at Dnipro HPP-1, and eight at Dnipro HPP-2.

In Zaporizhzhya, work to eliminate the consequences of Russian missile attacks continues – one person died, 14 people were injured, two more are considered missing. The Russian forces hit a detached housing neighborhood and next to a high-rise building, the head of the regional administration said.

The head of Ukrhydroenergo reported that there were two direct hits on HPP-1 and HPP-2, and the damage was serious.

On the morning of March 22, the Russian military launched a massive attack on various regions across Ukraine.