On the night of February 28, Russian invaders struck Pokrovsk in the Donetsk Oblast, with law enforcement documenting over 20 instances of destruction, as was reported by the Main Department of the National Police in the region.

The occupiers struck the center of Pokrovsk with four missiles at around 00:50.

Preliminarily, there are no casualties, but rescue efforts are ongoing as debris is being cleared and police are documenting the aftermath of the shelling.

Two missiles hit a university, and another two hit a school, while at least 14 residential buildings, two administrative buildings, a palace of culture, a post office, a thermal pipeline, and a technical university building were also damaged, according to the National Police.

The video shows the building of the Donetsk National Technical University, which was relocated to Lutsk after the start of the full-scale invasion, was hit by the occupiers.

Law enforcement notes that this data is not final, and police continue to inspect the affected streets, document the destruction, and identify those in need of assistance.

Investigative-operational groups, explosive technicians, and police paramedics are also working at the sites of the strikes.

The type of missiles used by the invaders to attack the city is being established.

Rescuers have extinguished a fire that broke out after the Russian strike on the school, and utility services are eliminating the consequences of the shelling.

The actions of the Russian occupiers are qualified as a violation of the laws and customs of war, with a maximum penalty of up to twelve years in prison.

Pokrovsk is located approximately 32 km from the front line.

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