On the morning of July 4, a drone operation by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR) hit the Tambov Gunpowder Plant in Kotovsk, Tambov Oblast, as was reported to LIGA.net by a source in military intelligence.

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The attack was carried out using kamikaze drones – one of the unmanned aerial vehicles successfully hit the enemy's military-industrial complex facility.

Currently, data on the strike's consequences, the extent of damage, and invaders' losses are being clarified, the source noted.

As confirmation, he provided a video from a local resource. The footage shows a drone flying, sounds (likely air defense) are heard, followed by a visible explosion.

Meanwhile, local Russian authorities traditionally deny the fact of the hit. Tambov region governor Maxim Yegorov claimed that both drones were destroyed and there were allegedly "no casualties or destruction."

The distance from the plant to Ukraine is about 380 km (236 miles).

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