Pence slams White House policy: We are the arsenal of democracy, give Ukraine everything

30.06.2023, 15:24
Pence slams White House policy: We are the arsenal of democracy, give Ukraine everything - Photo

Former US Vice President Mike Pence has criticized the White House for delaying the provision of all necessary and possible military assistance to Ukraine.

He warned his compatriots on CNN: if Americans succumb to the persuasion of politicians who are against this, the United States may have to send troops to help its allies again, because Russia, if not defeated in this war, will move on.

"If we succumb to the siren song of those in our country who claim that America is not interested in this cause of freedom, history teaches that we may soon send our [troops] to defend our freedom and the freedom of the nations in our alliance," he said during a personal visit to Kyiv and the suburbs.

Pence, a former US vice president under the 45th president, Donald Trump, intends to run for the presidency in the 2024 elections.

The politician noted that "today I heard disappointment again" about how "slow" the administration of US President Joe Biden is in providing military support to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Pence addressed his countrymen: "We are the most powerful Nation on Earth, we have the strongest armed forces on Earth, and we ought to be providing them [Ukrainians] with what they need to win."

As the Republican put it, the United States is "the leader of the free world, we are the arsenal of democracy."

REFERENCE. The US presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024. Biden and Trump have already announced their intention to run. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is considered Trump's main rival in the Republican Party. Trump himself is actively opposed to helping Ukraine, praises Vladimir Putin, and scares the world with the threat of nuclear war. DeSantis has made contradictory statements – first he called for more aid to Ukraine, then he called the war a "territorial dispute," but after a flurry of criticism, he called Putin a war criminal and said that Ukraine would win.

Indeed, Pence agreed, Russia's war against Ukraine is "not our war," but he added that "freedom is our fight."

"We must stand with Ukraine in their fight for freedom. We must send a deafening signal: Putin must stop or Putin will pay," the politician emphasized.

Pence is a member of the Republican Party and a supporter of maximum military support for Ukraine. According to him, there is "no place" among Republicans for fans of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He called for not reacting to Russia's nuclear threats and repeatedly stressed the need for Ukraine's victory.

On June 29, Pence visited Kyiv and met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Answering a question from an NBC journalist in Ukraine, Pence said that Washington would not send troops to Ukraine because there was no need.

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