Ukrainian evacuees in Japan to be eligible for long-term residency
Photo: Depositphotos

The Japanese immigration agency said on Tuesday that foreigners fleeing conflict zones, including Ukraine, will be eligible for long-term resident status with a working visa starting from 1 December, Kyodo reports.

The new rule is designed to help enable the approval of residence for individuals from conflict zones "whose circumstances do not conform to the requirements for refugee approval," per the report.

Japan amended the immigration law to aid evacuees from conflict zones who do not fall under the 1951 UN convention on refugees, which obliges member states to give them protection.

Some 2,091 Ukrainian evacuees were in Japan as of 20 September, of whom 1,931 reside in Japan under a ‘designated activities’ visa for one year, according to the Japanese immigration services agency.

Permission for their stay in Japan was given under the discretion of the justice minister.

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