Navy: Ukraine destroyed five Russian ships with drone-laid mines
Sea Baby drone (Illustrative photo: SBU press service)

Ukraine has destroyed or damaged 27 Russian military vessels, with five of them destroyed by sea mines laid by drones near Sevastopol Bay, Ukrainian Navy Commander Oleksiy Neizhpapa said in an interview with Reuters.

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He stated that the number of destroyed or damaged Russian military ships has reached 27.

Five of these were destroyed by sea mines laid by Ukrainian naval drones near Sevastopol Bay in temporarily occupied Crimea, Neizhpapa noted.

This refers to remote mining. Specifically, on June 24, the Security Service of Ukraine informed The Wall Street Journal that its Sea Baby naval drones had laid over 15 underwater mines near the waters of the Crimean peninsula.

At that time, it was reported that this method had successfully hit at least four of the occupiers' vessels.

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