3rd Brigade: Russia intensifies attacks to reach Luhansk Oblast borders
Photo - 3rd Separate Assault Brigade

Russia is intensifying its attacks to reach the administrative border of the Luhansk Oblast, according to the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, which has been carrying out combat missions on the Kharkiv Oblast front line near the Luhansk Oblast border for over a month.

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The 3rd Brigade noted that this is currently one of the most intense areas of Russian army advancement, with the immediate goal of the occupiers being to reach the settlements of Cherneshchyna and Pershotravneve, followed by the capture of Borova.

The occupiers are attacking the 3rd Assault Brigade's units with tank regiments, significant artillery, and additional units from private military companies and special forces. The Russians are also using FPV drones, glide bombs, and chemical weapons against Ukrainian forces.

The 3rd Brigade also reported that since May, their fighters have eliminated approximately 1,068 Russian soldiers, with nearly 2,292 more wounded.

"The enemy throws entire platoons and companies of personnel to storm our positions. Their rapid elimination is compensated by the reinforcement of the Russian armed forces by 250-400 soldiers per week," the brigade reported.

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