Russia’s missile stockpiles similar to last year’s, Ukraine intelligence says
Photo: EPA

Russia has about 870 high-precision missiles of the operational and strategic level in its stockpile, which is similar to last year's figures, Vadym Skibitskyi, a representative of Ukrainian defence intelligence, or GUR, told RBC-Ukraine.

The missiles in question can hit targets at a distance of over 350 kilometres. Those include approximately 165 Kalibr missiles, 160 X-101, X-555 and X-55 missiles with warheads, about 290 Iskander-M and Iskander-K missiles, 80 Kinzhal missiles, and 150 X-22/X-32 missiles.

Mr Skibitskyi clarified that last year's figures were almost the same, which indicates that Russia has managed to establish missile production and maintain it at a sufficient level to accumulate a stockpile.

"It is clear that the Russians cannot use all of their missiles; they must keep at least 30 percent in stock. If they fire almost everything at our energy system again and fail to achieve results, then someone will be fired from office again," he said.

The GUR official added that the situation with Shahed kamikaze drones in Russia is somewhat better, as work has partially begun at the plant in Yelabuga, where large-scale production is planned to be launched.

"The enemy planned to produce at least 200 Shaheds per month. But in reality, it produces less. The Russian Federation has only begun to increase production, and today it is mainly an assembly of components supplied from Iran," Mr Skibitskyi said.

Ukrainian intelligence does not rule out that Iran can still supply Russia with small batches of finished Shahed drones. However, GUR does not record any such movement from Iran to Russia, as Tehran has fulfilled the first contracts that were signed earlier.

Mr Skibitsky stressed that it will be difficult for the Russian army to achieve its goal, as Ukraine is preparing and "taking measures to protect the energy system".