Blinken reveals details of upcoming US-Ukraine security agreement
Antony Blinken (Photo: The Office of the President of Ukraine)

The US plans to sign a 10-year security agreement with Ukraine aimed at supporting Ukrainian defense and strengthening the military-industrial complex, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced during a speech at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

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"Under our 10-year agreement, the US will support Ukraine's defense and security in many extremely important areas – from aviation to air defense, from drones to demining," Blinken said.

The Secretary of State noted that if anyone attacks Ukraine, Washington will "immediately" work with Kyiv at the highest level to coordinate how the country can repel the threat.

Blinken also stated that the security agreement between Ukraine and the US will help accelerate efforts to build up the Ukrainian defense industry, which will enable it to produce its ammunition and artillery in the long term.

"Ukraine's resources are of huge importance for success on the battlefield. Ukraine is producing new types of drones that successfully evade detection. And this is what is driving the development of the Ukrainian defense industry, where thousands of talented people work. The question now is how to expand this production without losing the spirit of innovation and experimentation," the politician emphasized.

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