Over 1 million Ukrainians liable for military service update their information using Reserve+ app
Illustrative photo: Depositphotos

More than 1 million Ukrainians liable for military service have updated their information through the Reserve+ mobile app, which will soon include a military registration document with the same legal validity as the paper version, according to the Ministry of Defense press service.

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The Ministry of Defense provided a comparison of the number of reservists who updated their information through:

→ Administrative service centers – 40,865;

→ Territorial recruitment centers – 21,735.

Reserve+ is currently the easiest way to update information and is already available in 176 countries.

"It would take the territorial recruitment centers about a year to process one million applications," said Deputy Defense Minister Kateryna Chernohorenko.

Besides Ukraine, the app is most often used in:

→ Poland;
→ Germany;
→ Canada;
→ USA;
→ Czech Republic.

On May 23, the Ministry of Defense recommended that those liable for military service contact territorial recruitment and social support centers if they are marked as wanted in the "Reserve+" mobile application.

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