UK to transfer TERRAHAWK PALADIN complex to Ukraine, enhancing air defense capability
MSI-DS Terrahawk Paladin (Photo: manufacturing company)

United Kingdom has provided Ukraine with a new package of military aid worth more than 100 million pounds ($123 million), the country's Ministry of Defense reported, adding that Ukraine will receive an unspecified number of MSI-DS TERRAHAWK PALADIN mobile platforms. The manufacturing company MSI Defense Systems Ltd says that the system
suitable for short-range anti-aircraft defense, as well as against land and sea targets.

The company writes that the weapon is an autonomous solution designed for increased mobility and the ability to deploy in short-range air defense conditions.

"Modular, remote-controlled, and re-deployable – to defend against close range land, air, and maritime threats (proven capabilities of the system to counter unmanned aerial vehicles and fast coastal vessels)", the manufacturer characterizes the system.

The container system of sensors and effectors can be deployed on the ground, with offset remote control to ensure operator survivability, MSI writes.

To redeploy the system, the module can be quickly mounted on a military support vehicle or trailer-based system that has the necessary space and payload, the company notes.

"The integration of our field-proven effectors, sensing and detection capabilities, including the MSI-DS TERRAHAWK LW Series gun mount and the MSI-DS SATOS, provides the assurance of class-leading accuracy, lethality, and survivability," the manufacturer states.

MSI writes that these weapons can be deployed as a single system for point defense or as part of a network within the Combat Management System for the defense of a wider area.

This enables the TERRAHAWK PALADIN to effectively perform a wide range of field missions, such as protecting high-value targets, critical infrastructure, vulnerable points, and enhancing coastal and border defense forces, the company said.

Defense Express writes that the complex is armed with a 30-mm Mk44 Bushmaster II chain gun that can use programmed detonation ammunition. In case of their use, the range of destroying an air target is up to 2 km from 600-800 meters, the developers say.

UK to transfer TERRAHAWK PALADIN complex to Ukraine, enhancing air defense capability

On October 3, The Telegraph, citing a source in the British Armed Forces, said that the country will allegedly no longer be able to supply certain weapons to help Ukraine because its own stocks, which it could transfer, are already "running out."

On October 4, the British Ministry of Defense reported that the depletion of allies' reserves should not affect provision of aid to Ukraine.