If one piece falls out – whole mechanism crumbles. Zelenskyy on US elections and aid to Ukraine
Volodymyr Zelenskyi (Photo: OP)

At a press conference on the results of 2023 for Ukrainian and foreign media, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that if the United States, which is the leader in the platform of assistance to Ukraine, is allowed to drop out of the platform, it will have a negative impact on European assistance to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy believes that if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, the country will have a different policy, because he is "a different person." However, Zelenskyy is not sure whether US policy toward Ukraine will change.

"It is not for us to choose, but for their people to choose their president. I'm not sure that the country's policy will change towards Ukraine, but we have to be sober about it, that the leader has influence," he emphasized.

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The President believes that the first signals in the policy of the future US leader will be very influential.

"If the policy of the next president, whoever it is, is different towards Ukraine—colder,  more domestic, more economical—then I think these signals will have a great impact on the course of the war in Ukraine," the Ukrainian president said.

Zelenskyy emphasized that "if one powerful part falls out, the mechanism begins to crumble," so if the "leaders of this assistance" are allowed to fall out of the aid platform, it will have a negative impact on aid from Europe.

On November 8, 2023, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre called for skepticism about opinion polls that suggest Biden will lose to Trump.

Biden says he ran for a second time to prevent Trump from becoming president of the United States.

In the United States, a court refuses to dismiss Trump's case of the Capitol storming.