Finland to close all but one checkpoints on border with Russia due to illegal migrants
Petteri Orpo (Photo: EPA)

In response to the growing migration pressure and the involvement of Russian border guards in it, the Finnish government decided to close seven out of eight checkpoints on the border with Russia, the head of the Finnish government, Petteri Orpo, announced at a press conference, Yle reports.

According to the decision of the Finnish government, three more border crossing points in Kuusamo, Salla and Vartius on the land border between Finland and Russia will be closed late on Friday night

Only one crossing point of the Finnish-Russian border, Raja-Joosepi, will be open, where asylum seekers will be able to apply for international protection. According to data from open sources, Raja-Joosepi works only four hours a day, and therefore is difficult for migrants from the Russian Federation to access.

On November 16, Finland decided to close the Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra and Niirala border crossing points due to a surge in illegal migration.

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In September 2023, Finland banned the entry of cars registered in Russia.

On October 19, it was reported that the Ministry of Defense of Finland blocked three planned real estate deals involving Russian buyers for reasons of national security.