Slovak PM Fico in critical condition, still undergoing surgery
Robert Fico (Photo: EPA)

The condition of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was attacked on May 15, remains critical as he is still on the operating table, according to Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák and Interior Minister Matúš Šutaj Eštok during a joint briefing.

Kaliňák revealed that Fico has been undergoing surgery for over three and a half hours. He refuted media reports claiming that the prime minister is now in stable condition, emphasizing that the threat to Fico's life persists.

Šutaj Eštok also confirmed that Fico is still in surgery and assessed his condition as critical. The Interior Minister stated that the attacker fired five shots. He added that the assailant's actions were "politically motivated" and occurred shortly after the presidential elections.

He also announced that the government would increase security measures for officials, politicians, including opposition members, and media representatives in Slovakia.

Šutaj Eštok urged journalists and politicians to "stop spreading hatred" on social media.

"What has started now has been sown by many of you, with your hatred," he stated.