Biden adviser to try and talk Global South into condemning Russia

22.06.2023, 09:02
Biden adviser to try and talk Global South into condemning Russia - Photo
White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Photo via EPA

A top US official will fly to Denmark this weekend at the behest of Ukraine for an unannounced meeting with representatives of several developing countries that have not condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Financial Times reports.

Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, has agreed to attend the meeting in Copenhagen with officials from countries including India, Brazil and South Africa, with the list of attendees still being finalised, according to FT’s sources.

The meeting comes as Western officials worry Russia’s war in Ukraine is expected to drag on into next year with few Global South countries openly condemning the aggressor.

"Only little do we realise how much the rest of the world is not convinced," one European official told the FT. "They are not convinced. It’s a terrible thing to acknowledge."

Last week, a high-ranking delegation of African countries visited both Kyiv and Moscow in an attempt to mediate a negotiated settlement.

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa presented a ten-point peace plan on how to end the war in Ukraine, including the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory and returning deported Ukrainian children.

The African mission seems to have fallen through as Russia’s Vladimir Putin opted for condemning Ukraine for refusing to negotiate.

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