Bundeswehr General: Ukraine will undoubtedly need to mobilize more soldiers
Christian Freuding (Photo - EPA)

Ukraine cannot avoid additional mobilization, Major General Christian Freuding, head of the Bundeswehrs Situation Center Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defense stated in an interview with RND.

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"Ukraine will undoubtedly have to mobilize more soldiers – simply due to the number of losses, as far as we can see. But also because the troops, some of which have been on the front for 24 months, need regeneration," the German general said.

He stated that the type and scope of mobilization are currently being discussed in Ukraine, describing it as a "political and social negotiation process, in which the demographic situation in Ukraine also plays a role."

Freuding said that Ukraine needs to pay as much attention to its economic capability as its military potential.

When asked when the war would end, the German general said, "It will end when Ukraine wins."

"I am cautiously optimistic because we are confident in what the Ukrainian Armed Forces can do, because we are confident in the value of our assistance, because we are confident in the unity of Ukraine's partners who have the tenacity to achieve this, to achieve the result we all want," he said.

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