Germany to transfer a quarter of its Patriot systems to Ukraine, says no more can be sent
Boris Pistorius (Photo: EPA)

Germany will not be able to provide Ukraine with more than the three promised Patriot air defense systems, as the country cannot deliver additional systems, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said ahead of the 23rd meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format, as reported by Tagesschau.

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Pistorius called on NATO partners to support Ukraine by transferring additional air defense systems. He believes that "others probably can give at least one system" to Kyiv, and it is not only about Patriot systems.

According to him, Berlin can provide only three Patriots, which is a quarter of Germany's total stock of these systems.

Ukraine has been waiting for the transfer of the third Patriot system from Germany since mid-April. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently promised that this system would be delivered to the Ukrainian army "in the coming weeks and months." Before this, Germany had already transferred two Patriot systems to Kyiv.

Pistorius stressed that Berlin cannot provide Ukraine with more than these three systems.

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