We need to prepare for a long conflict with Russia, Czech defence minister says

The Czech Republic should be prepared for a prolonged conflict with Moscow and continue to support Ukraine in its war against Russia, its defence minister said on Monday.

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Speaking at a conference of Czech ambassadors Jana Černochová said that supporting Ukraine is in Prague’s interest since Russia has been threatening the security of Europe and NATO for the past year and a half, and therefore defence and deterrence are a priority.

"The countries neighbouring the Czech Republic are also aware of this. In general, there is an understanding that the closer the countries have their borders to Russia, the more they have to spend on defence," Ms Černochová was quoted as saying.

She stressed that her country has to prepare for a "long-lasting, high-intensity conflict" with a technologically advanced enemy that has nuclear weapons.

"Germany has already realised that the illusion of friendship with Russia was in fact an illusion, and has decided to significantly increase both defence spending and take on greater responsibility for the defence of the Euro-Atlantic area."