Spain to send four Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine next week

19.07.2023, 09:52
Spain to send four Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine next week - Photo

Spain will send four Leopard 2A4 tanks and other military equipment to Ukraine next week, the country's defence ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

In addition to the Leopard 2A4s, Ukraine will also receive 10 Spanish armoured personnel carriers, armoured off-road vehicles, light trucks and ambulances by sea, the statement said.

The Spanish defence ministry added the transfer of equipment and ammunition to Ukraine would continue throughout the summer.

Earlier, Spain sent Ukraine a field hospital equipped with an emergency surgery unit, a post-operative unit, sterilisation equipment, a laboratory and an increased number of beds.

The transfer of four more Leopard 2 tanks and a batch of armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine was announced by Spanish defence minister Margarita Robles back in May.

In April 2023, the first six Leopard 2 tanks were sent to Ukraine from Spain.

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