Cameron: Sending NATO troops to Ukraine to fight Russians would be a dangerous escalation
David Cameron (Photo: EPA)

Sending NATO troops to Ukraine could lead to an escalation, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said in an interview with Sky News.

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Cameron warned against French President Emmanuel Macron's idea of considering the possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine to join the fight if Russian dictator Vladimir Putin achieves a breakthrough. He believes that deploying troops from the Alliance to Ukraine to fight Russian soldiers would be a "dangerous escalation."

"I don't think it is right to have NATO soldiers killing Russian soldiers," he said.

The Foreign Secretary said that Europe faces "two futures. In one, the Ukrainian defense forces, armed with Western weapons, can push back the occupiers and secure a "just peace.

"A future in which Putin is successful and Ukraine is pushed back is I think a very dangerous future," Cameron said, describing the second scenario, saying the world was at an "absolutely critical tipping point."

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