Aftermath of 'shaheds' attack: drone strikes bring destruction, leaving Ukrainian TV host homeless
A multistory building in the Solomianskyi District (Photo by KCMA)

Russian occupiers attacked Kyiv with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones on the night of December 22, resulting in destruction in the Solomianskyi and Darnytskyi districts, as reported by the Kyiv City Military Administration (KCMA).

According to the head of the KCMA, Serhiy Popko, this marked the third drone attack on the capital within the last six days.

He noted that the Russians intended to target infrastructure and residential buildings.

In the Solomianskyi District, one of the drones hit a multi-story residential building, causing a fire on the upper floors. Walls in three apartments were partially destroyed, and windows were shattered in three others.

Preliminary reports indicate two people were injured, suffering soft tissue injuries with lacerations, and one of them has been hospitalized.

In the Darnytskyi District, a two-story private house caught fire due to falling debris. There were no casualties. In the Holosiivskyi District, debris fell without causing damage or injuries.

On the upper floors of the affected multistory building in Solomianskyi District was an apartment of Andriy Kovalsky, a local TV presenter. According to him, he and his family were unharmed.

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