Latvia to invest another 20 million euros in drone coalition to support Ukraine
Andris Sprūds (Photo: EPA)

In 2024, Latvia plans to invest 20 million euros in the drone coalition to support Ukraine. The same amount will be used to strengthen the Latvian drone army, the Minister of Defense of the country Andris Sprūds told journalists, according to Latvian public broadcaster

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Sprūds noted that local companies will be involved in the production of drones.

"Seeing the importance of drones in war and guided by the experience of Ukraine, we can announce the launch of the Drone Capability Initiative this year. We can metaphorically talk about the creation of an army of drones," he said.

This means that Latvia will not only supply Ukraine with drones, but will also more actively implement these technologies in the National Armed Forces.

These 20 million euros include both the creation of infrastructure and the purchase of drones, among other things, from Latvian companies in the amount of at least 10 million euros. The defense chief noted that so far, seven companies have passed the tests of drones, with which negotiations are underway on the purchase of UAVs as early as June.

On January 16, Sprūds said that Latvia is working to create a coalition of almost 20 countries to provide Ukraine with thousands of drones.

On January 25, the Ministry of Defense reported that Sweden and Britain had joined the drone coalition. On February 15, the British government announced that UK and Latvia will lead a coalition of drones , which will provide Ukraine with thousands of drones worth $250 million.

On March 21, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles announced that the country was joining the drone coalition.

As of April 24, according to Sprūds, the drone coalition has raised almost 500 million euros for drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.