Ukrainian air force hints at involvement in Sevastopol shipyard attack

Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk on Wednesday hinted that the shipyard in Russian-annexed Crimea had been targeted by Ukrainian forces.

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In a post on his Telegram channel, Mr Oleshchuk said that the Russians are still ‘stormed’ after the attack on Sevastopol and thanked the Ukrainian pilots for their "excellent combat work".

"To be continued," the Air Force Commander posted.

The ‘stormed’ part is a hint at the use of Storm Shadow long-range missiles, which Ukraine received from the United Kingdom.

The Sevastopol shipyard, in Russian-annexed Crimea, was under attack overnight on Wednesday, leaving two ships of the Russian Black Sea fleet damaged and two dozen troops injured.

The Russian defence ministry claimed the Sevastopol shipyard had been attacked with ten missiles and three sea drones. Seven missiles and all the drones had allegedly been shot down by Russian air defence, while the rest damaged two vessels.

The facility is of strategic importance to Russia as vessels in its Black Sea fleet are being repaired there.

The attack is one of the biggest in a series of strikes on the Russian-annexed peninsula, where Ukrainian forces have been targeting military infrastructure used in Russia’s full-scale invasion.