Kremenchuk refinery shut down after Russian drone attack
The Kremenchuk oil refinery, a video grab

Russia attacked the Kremenchuk oil refinery, in the Poltava region, with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones overnight on Wednesday, Dmytro Lunin, the head of the Poltava regional military administration, said.

The Poltava region, in eastern Ukraine, was repeatedly attacked by Russians last night, with Ukrainian air defences targeting Russian drones, Mr Lunin posted.

In Kremenchuk, an explosive hit the refinery and a fire broke out. The refinery had to be temporarily shut down, the official said.

No one was injured in the attack, he added.

In total, Russia launched 24 kamikaze drones into Ukraine, with 17 of them shot down, the Ukrainian Air Force Command said in a statement.

It is the latest in a series of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine with drones and missiles, aimed at depleting Ukrainian air defence capabilities and destroying civilian infrastructure.