Exclusive photos reveal extent of damage to Russian coastal defenses near Crimean Bridge
Crimean Bridge (Photo: EPA/Stringer)

Powerful storms along the Black Sea coast have taken a serious toll on Russian defensive positions near the Crimean Bridge, according to new satellite images published by open-source intelligence analyst MT Anderson.

According to him, on the fresh imagery from November 28, one can see significant damage to the defense of the crossing.

Оборонные линии Крымского моста 28 ноября (Фото: MT Anderson/X)
Defense lines of the Crimean Bridge on November 28 (Photo: MT Anderson/X)

Three Russian barges were completely sunk, one was partially sunk.

Two more barges were completely washed away by the storm, one remains afloat.

Оборонные линии Крымского моста 4 октября (Фото: MT Anderson/X)
Defensive lines of the Crimean Bridge on October 4 (Photo: MT Anderson/X)

Last Sunday, a storm broke out in the Black Sea. As a result, about 500,000 locals were left without electricity and heating, and in the morning Crimeans began to complain about water interruptions. In Kerch, due to the flooding of the city, several districts were cut off, and in Saky, a gas pipeline was cut off.

The Russian occupation administration reported that due to a strong storm, the Belbek River also overflowed its banks. Flooding of residential buildings began. People were evacuated.

On July 17, 2023, the Crimean Bridge was damaged for the second time since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

On August 12, explosions rang out on the bridge, and clouds of smoke rose in different places. The Russian occupation authorities reported blocking traffic and complained about Ukrainian missile attacks.

According to the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Crimean Bridge is working, but it is not working properly, and the Russian military is throwing more forces to protect this object.

At the beginning of September, the Armed Forces Navy reported that six boats and five ships of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation are guarding the Kerch bridge in the temporarily occupied Crimea in anticipation of new attacks.