Rise of Slovak anti-Ukrainian party will not prevent Ukraine joining EU, NATO: FM
Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba. Photo: EPA

Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba believes that the victory of Smer-SD, a party with pronouncedly anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, in Slovakia’s parliamentary elections, will only make it more difficult but not prevent Kyiv from joining the European Union and NATO.

Currently, Smer-SD’s Robert Fico, Slovakia’s three-time prime minister, is negotiating a coalition to form a government, which analysts fear might undercut the country’s staunch support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian full-scale aggression.

Last week, Slovak president Zuzana Caputova opposed the transfer of a new military aid package to Ukraine as a sign of respect for the "results of the democratic elections", whose winner, Smer-SD, had promised voters "not to give Ukraine a single ammo".

In an interview with Forbes Ukraine published on Monday, Mr Kuleba said that Ukraine "will work with the choice" of the Slovak people.

"It is not yet clear what kind of coalition and government will be formed. Then I will be able to say something," the FM explained.

However, Mr Kuleba contended, any outcome of the Slovak elections will not prevent Ukraine from European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

"There is no force in Europe that can stop Ukraine's path to EU and NATO membership. It may create some complications. But we will solve them and move forward," he said.

Slovakia has so far been an important supporter of Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s full-scale invasion, donating Soviet-era military equipment, serving as a repair base, providing transit and export routes, and supporting its European integration.