Lithuania to transfer two NASAMS launchers and 155-mm ammunition to Ukraine
NASAMS system (Photo: Flickr)

As part of the new military aid package, Lithuania will hand over two NASAMS air defense systems launchers to Ukraine, and together with some European partners will purchase 155 mm ammunition for the Ukrainian military, according to the website of Lithuania's Ministry of Defense.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas emphasized at Ramstein talks that Vilnius forms its support packages taking into account the greatest needs and priorities of Ukraine.

Consequently, Vilnius will soon hand over two NASAMS launchers and 155-mm ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, according to Anušauskas, preparations for winter have already begun, so in the near future his country will hand over generators and other equipment necessary for the cold season to Ukraine.

In particular, electric generators, army mobile beds, clothes. Training and rehabilitation of the Ukrainian military has also been extended.

The British Ministry of Defense reported that Ukraine will receive an unspecified number of MSI-DS TERRAHAWK PALADIN mobile platforms. Manufacturer MSI Defense Systems Ltd says the system is suitable for short-range air defense as well as engaging ground and sea targets.