Danish defense minister reveals some donated Leopard tanks arrived in Ukraine with defects
Denmark's Leopard 1A5 (Screenshot)

Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen stated in an explanatory note that 12 out of 20 Leopard 1A5 tanks handed over to Ukraine were found to be defective. Journalists of the TV2 news agency got acquainted with the document.

The minister admitted that only 10 tanks that are already in Ukraine have minor malfunctions. According to him, the Ukrainians are already eliminating them.

The minister also reported that 10 more German Leopard 1A5 tanks are currently in Poland. Two of these tanks have serious defects.

There are no engineers in Ukraine who could fix such defects, so the German company FFG, which is responsible for the restoration of tanks in Germany, will start repairs as early as next week, the journalists write.

Denmark will hand over 15 modernized Soviet T-72EA tanks and 30 German Leopard 1 vehicles to Ukraine, the country's Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Sweden handed Ukraine 10 Stridsvagn 122 tanks, which are a modernized analogue of the German Leopard 2A5.