Long queue to leave Ukraine; Border Guard spokesman: Not related to mobilization law
Photo: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

At the border of the Lviv Oblast, over 900 cars and 24 buses are queuing up to leave Ukraine, which Demchenko said is not related to the mobilization law that comes into effect on May 18.

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According to the Western Regional Directorate of the State Border Guard Service, 640 cars are waiting at the border with Poland, 92 with Slovakia, 156 with Hungary, and 80 with Romania.

Demchenko said the queues were not due to increased mobilization, as not all drivers are conscripts. Those leaving are mostly women with children, elderly people and foreigners.

"Before Easter there was a trend of people entering Ukraine for two weeks, and after Easter the trend shifted to leaving, which is why there are queues," the Border Guard spokesman explained.

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