Some allies allowed Ukraine to attack Russia with their weapons, says Latvian FM

Some countries have provided Ukraine with weapons that have no restrictions on striking Russian territory, Latvian Foreign Minister Baiba Braže said in an interview with European Pravda.

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Western allies are supplying Ukraine with weapons on the condition that Kyiv does not strike Russian territory with them, she said. However, this approach can change, and in Braže's opinion, it is already changing.

Asked whether some partners are allowing Ukraine to use their weapons to strike deep into Russian territory, the minister said, "There are countries that have provided those weapons without conditions to Ukraine." She added that international law allows strikes against Russia in the places from which Russia is attacking Ukraine.

At the same time, Braže believes that this and similar information should not be disclosed publicly.

"Not everything is said aloud, and at certain times it is better not to say it aloud. But there is a fact on the battlefield. Indeed, there are various choices between saying things out loud or just doing the right thing," she said.

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